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Thanks To This Site We Found A Surrogate Mother And Now We Are Parents:)
Andrey, Poland

Stephanie , Female American Surrogate Mother From United States

Stephanie Surrogate Mother Profile

Date Registered: 15 Jun 2013 Last Modified: 15 Jun 2013 Last Signed In: 23 Jun 2015
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Brief Summary Of The Surrogate Mother

I\'am a 33 year old Female American national from Kansas City 64944 in United States, I would like to be a Surrogate Mother for Heterosexual , Gay , Lesbian , Single Woman,Single Man Couples. I have Brown hair and Brown Eyes With 11 Or Less Years Of Education.

Contact Information For This Surrogate Mother

Name: Stephanie
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
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City: Kansas City 64944
Region: Missouri
Country: United States

Surrogate Mother Information

Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Age: 33
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
I Would Like To Be A: Surrogate Mother
Have Been A Surrogate Mother:: No
Years Of Education: 11 Or Less Years
My Height Is: 160 cm
My Weight Is: 190 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
My Blood Type Is: A
My Marital Status Is: Single (no partner)
Number Of Children I Have Is: 1
I Would Consider Couples Of: Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man
I Am Willing To Travel: No
I Have A Passport: No
My Hair Colour Is: Brown
My Eye Colour Is: Brown
My Health Is: Excellent

The Reasons I Want To Be A Surrogate Mother:

I've had the idea in my head for about 3 years now, after my own pregnancy. I love my daughter more than life itself and I would love to give that to someone deserving who can't do it themselves. I took the time to think it through and decided that its a good idea for me. I have a strong support system behind me and I'm ready if you are!

Description Of Myself:

I'm short and ethnic looking. I'm half Italian, 1/4 french, and 1/4 mixed up mess, but people assume I'm hispanic just by looking at me. I'm intelligent, artistic, a deep thinker, dreamer, perfectly happy sitting by myself lost in thought or in a huge crowd of people ATTEMPTING to be the center of attention. I joke around a lot but you'll never doubt my sincerity. My daughter acts exactly like me, and she's pretty cool, so I can't be that bad.

My Letter To You:

I hope if you're reading this and I spark your interest that you really consider getting in contact with me. I would love nothing more than to give you the most beautiful and most important gift that you will ever receive. My baby is 4 years old and I still cry when I look at her too long. You deserve that. I'm open to all potential parents. Your sexual preference or relationship status is none of my business, all that matters is that we click and WANT to go through the process together. Best of luck in your search (but I hope you pick me, just throwin' that out there)


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The People I Have Come To Know Here Have Been Honest And Very Helpful In Making Peoples Dreams Of A Child A Reality. I Wish You All The Best.
Nicky, United Kingdom